About Us

About Us

Levyti Consulting was founded by a Big 4 tax executive in 2005 as a unique boutique tax advisory firm established to provide tax accounting services and technologies to a Fortune 500 client base.

In our initial years of operations, we developed and deployed Global Tax Office, a highly innovative, web based, enterprise class tax accounting platform to a multinational client base until the technology (and related client base) were sold to Vertex Inc. in June of 2008.  Post disposition, Levyti continued to provide tax advisory services in tax accounting and tax technology areas to its traditional clients and established a complimentary loan staffing service offering designed to meet the needs of enterprise tax functions.

In 2013, Levyti launched its tax compliance practice, which provides more traditional tax compliance and advisory service lines to emerging and middle market enterprises in the mid-Atlantic area.  Leveraging our experiences with some of the largest global tax functions, we offer smaller enterprises a unique opportunity to establish best in class operational methodologies in their tax functions before growth makes change more challenging.

Our objectives are straightforward, we are committed to providing our clients with the best people at the most reasonable rates.  To do so, our services are limited to areas we have expertise and we use the same innovative technologies we assist our clients in deploying to manage our own operations.  Each of our clients is our best client and we strive to develop long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with the people we work with.

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