Tax Accounting Co-Sourcing Services

Tax ComplianceFor many organizations, there is a lack of internal expertise in the tax accounting which is compounded by practical or regulatory restrictions on the ability of their primary service provider to perform tax accounting processes.  Levyti is ready to provide a customized set of services that range from review of internal calculations to turn key outsourcing of tax accounting processes.  Leveraging our experience in working with clients of all sizes, we can maintain your existing processes or work with you to develop new methodologies that are aligned with your business risks and leverage emerging technology tools.

Our core philosophy is to maintain the continuity and integrity of our tax accounting client teams so we can learn your business and develop relationships with key personnel to constantly improve the quality of our work while striving to reduce costs over the long term.  Every business is unique and we have the experience to tailor our services to you needs.  Leveraging our extensive public accounting experience, we can even facilitate discussions with your independent auditor in connection to tax accounting issues when appropriate to your current staffing profile.

Levyti recognizes that process outsourcing is most often a transitional service and we work closely with our clients to provide robust documentation and share knowledge related critical tax accounting processes to facilitate future transitions to a fully internalized tax accounting function, including the licensing of any proprietary technology enablers utilized during co-sourcing period.

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