Tax Close Staff Augmentation

Strategic Tax Partners

The time constraints associated with quarterly and year end financial closing processes often compress tax accounting processes into time frames that cannot be effectively  staffed internally.  Levyti offers peak period tax accounting personnel from the staff to Director levels to assist our clients in the peak load periods associated with financial closing.  From unit level provision reviews to coordination development of tax accounting policies related to emerging issues, our personnel can provide the additional resources needed to enable your staff to focus of critical tasks.

We believe in providing the right person for the right tasks, by leveraging our staff profile database, we can align our personnel with your specific need, weather it be a specific technology expertise in OneSource Tax Provision or a specialized area of tax accounting like equity based compensation, Levyti personnel have the skills needed to meet your requirements.

For more information on our Tax Close Staff Augmentation survives, please contact John Fayer at 703 665-4189 or