Loan Staffing

Better People, Better Pricing…

Finding and retaining qualified personnel to complete critical tax function processes is a significant challenge for many organizations The temporary or permanent loss of key personnel can disrupt the tax function’s ability to operate and in some instances is directly related to identified Sarbanes Oxley deficiencies. Additionally, the seasonal peaks in resource requirements required by recurring or unique tax function events such as informational reporting, audit settlements, or changes in corporate structure often require resources or competencies that cannot be justified on a full time basis.

Levyti can provide competent short and long term staffing solutions to meet your specific needs. These experience levels enable us to provide professionals that already have the skills you need to minimize orientation costs, increase quality, and enable your in house resources to focus on other critical tasks. Levyti professionals are capable of most tax function processes from the staff to executive level. Unencumbered by the high overhead rates of national and local firms, we offer extremely competitive pricing.